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In't Workers Day

May 2014

From public spaces to living wages, trabajadores struggle to maintain decency and integrity. Working the 9-5 and beyond, time and effort remain crucial. Photographers Destiny Mata and gabriel morales capture the daily grind and the last sacred spaces left for the working class. Destiny captures the gritty and prideful life of the trabajador. From kitchen cook, to dishwasher there is a raw reality in the photography. gabriel morales explains, “there's a part of me that isn't sure why i take these pictures but one aspect of it is an exploration of public space, how public space has systematically been taken away from us through privatization, and how, often times, it is only in spaces like park benches, bus stops or communal performance spaces that we are able to take a small part back.” His snapshots capture intimate moments of people enjoying these spaces in colorful vignettes. 

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