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Street Fatale: Ladies to the Front

2018 has begun with an array of amazing art and cultural events. Here at the Movement Gallery, we begin the year with Street Fatale II, a show dedicated to showcasing female street photographers. This will be the second time, the crew from Street Fatale will celebrate talented women in and around Texas. We asked the founders of the event to share a little bit of what can be expected this time around.

Tell us what Street Fatale is about and what inspired you guys to start this show?

StreetFatale is an Urban/Street photography exhibition shot by women who have an affinity and passion for the genre. Photography in general, is predominantly a male centered medium, especially Urban/Street photography. We have noticed and experienced our fair share of discrimination and snubs that females don't know their way around a camera. Not taken seriously and often overlooked. Not always, but it happens. So when the space became available, the idea came to life to have an all femme photog show. Mainly to give the ladies who have never had the opportunity to display their photos in an exhibition setting, a chance, without fear of being rejected or ridiculed. A chance to share their interpretation of the genre. And thats how it all came about.

Who are some of the artists featured?

This time around, we have many talented females, some returning, from Laura Jean Rodriguez,and Gonzieee to the newbies to the show, Destiny Mata, Grace Monteleone.

What can people expect for the night?

We had ladies showing the first StreetFatale show and it was extremely difficult to get ladies on board with the idea. After the first show proved to

be a success, we now had 25 ladies submit. Some from several cities here in Texas and one from NYC! And this is what the goal of SF is all about. People should expect a visual array of street photography from ladies of all backgrounds and ages all sharing the same passion set to an urban feel with music, food, fun, art, and sisterhood!

What does the future hold for Street Fatale?

We are just in the infant stage of this. To be honest we don't really know what to expect, but thus far the feedback and support has been all positive. Hopefully we can continue making this show an annual or biannual event. Giving other ladies motivation and opportunity to “shoot and show.”

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Just to make it clear, this show is NOT about putting our fellow photog brothers down, but more to show that a lot of us women know our way around the camera and create some poignant images and giving them an outlet to display said images.

Be sure to stop by and experience Street Fatale II. It all happens on Friday, January 19th at 6pm. This is a free and all ages event with plenty of entertainment and fun. We wish the ladies lots of luck on this endeavor and hope to continue watching the showcase grow to include many more

amazingly talented femme photographers.

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