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Print. Eat. Repeat

Youth counterculture reaches its audience through street and protest art, but rarely does it crossover into other platforms, let alone reach gallery exhibits. Some local artists in San Antonio are making efforts to transcend genres and reach a larger audience while making accessible art. One such artist, prayxplot, will make strides to revolutionize San Antonio’s counterculture with Print, Eat, Repeat. This interactive, art event and exhibit featured live screen printing and vegan food. The goal was to create an atmosphere where the audience is part art and consumer, where the conversation becomes artistic expression, and the food an extension of the exhibit.

Being heavily involved in working with the city’s best cultural innovators for nearly half a decade, including his time teaching and studying at the Southwest School of the Art, prayxplot has always been a community oriented initiative. He has aided fellow artist in their visual work and musicians in their music video production, through art direction and styling. As a multi-method, multi-platform artist creating affordable art in various forms, prayxplot takes street art and culture into consumable designs with a message. From tackling racism and white supremacy, their art builds consciousness. Based in San Antonio Texas, they aim to bridge the gap between social commentary and cutting edge design. His work has been featured in online and print publications (Wavezmovement & Gacho Style) alongside his many cameos in local Music Videos (Spayc Jones, Volcan and more). His method of screen printing and garment renovation alongside his graphic manipulation abilities take his audience and his customers to an enlightened level of style.

You can catch Print. Eat. Repeat at the Movement Gallery until June 14

Please call for viewing, 210-299-2666.

Photos by Paul Q Hairston

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