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Gallery Updates 2019

Greetings Community! We have exciting updates for you.

Our goals for 2019 are to prioritize creating liberation centered educational spaces based on the feed back from our membership and our guidance from the board. This includes tying a class or workshop based on an issues to an art show or creative event. By doing this we are directly learning about issues and creating action spaces to further learn about that issue. We use popular education as a method of shifting a traditional class room style class or workshop. Everyone who participates in the workshop has an experience and voice to add to the conversation.

In other news our space is leveling up!!

Physically our office space (upstairs) has now shifted as a collective working space for our staff, board, and members. Computers an an upstairs meeting space is available to our members free of use. To become a member or for more information call us at 210.299.2666.

Downstairs our space has become easier for use by allies and members to run their programs, events, and meetings in a more autonomous way. At this point all organization events are priority to allow for programs to move forward. For organization and group rentals check out the 2019 rates and guidelines on the inquire form.

All other events will be reviewed on Monday's. We would like to make our space as accessible and available to all, however in the past year the gallery experienced theft and disrespect resulting in damages to walls, sound system, doors, chairs/tables, and the exterior. The new rate reflects those experiences and needs, any donations for use will directly go into the gallery and corazon for much needed renovations and supplies.

As always we are a social justice space dedicated to uplifting the voices of low income, people of color. Our leadership is comprised of women of color, mama's, LGBTQIA, undocumented, elders, teachers, and youth with a deep motivation to change the system we live in. If you don't support that then this is not the space for you.

We look forward to a new year as we work to rebuild our supplies to provide a safe and healthy space for your needs.

Call 210.299.2666 for questions or fill out an inquire form if you looking to book the space.

Thank You.

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